About Us

About Us

We are a custom shop based out of Flagstaff, AZ specializing in artisan quartz, titanium and hardwood Aromatherapy Extraction Devices. All of our units are cut and assembled with pride in the USA. We have a United States utility patent application on our innovative  titanium heater cover. All of the metal used is pure Grade 2 titanium, selected for its superior heating properties. We have parts tested by a local minerals company, in a mass spectrometer machine. This completely incinerates the titanium, and ensures there are no dangerous metals present. For example, Grade 5 titanium and other alloys should never be used because of their levels of Aluminum and Vanadium.

We are incredibly confident in the performance of our Aromatherapy Extraction Devices. Our ceramic heater is completely enclosed in a separated chamber and can reach temperatures approaching 900F. It never gets dirty, and unlike a torch, allows for continuous heat application. This allows a broad temperature range of usage and ensures that product is completely extracted with no burn off after the pull. The optional carb-cap/aromatherapy bowl allows for an even lower temperature range if desired. The mouthpiece is also designed to mate with 14mm ground glass joints. It allows our units to be connected to water pipes, and rigs with no modifications. Our standard glass hand-pieces can be used for hands-free extraction. The optional titanium hand-piece was designed to allow for quick screen changing and mates with 14mm ground glass joints. Titanium transfers heat much more efficiently than glass and allows for better extraction from an experienced user.  While using other glass and ceramic heater units, users tend to turn the temperature higher than optimal to try and achieve denser pulls. This results in blackening or ignition of the material being extracted. Because our titanium heater cover transfers heat so much more efficiently than other glass models, it does not need to be as hot to efficiently extract. The titanium hand-piece further enhances our units performance with increased heat transfer. It should also never be left on the heater for more than duration of the pull for safety purposes (30 seconds or less). If the unit is to be used for only vape-liquids, the glass handle can be used alone as a hands-free attachment. There is no need for a screen so the titanium hand-piece is not required.

We have access to hardwoods from all over the world and prefer to make custom units. We produce most of our Aromatherapy Extraction Devices out of bamboo, and Baltic birch plywood, We can also spray lacquer clear-coats, and dye-based stains.  They require several coats and buffing, but make the units very durable and beautiful. We can anodize (permanently color the titanium pieces with electrical current) to further customize your Aromatherapy Extraction Device. Our first design was developed in 2005 and featured a glass heater cover and hand-piece. While it looked nice, its functionality was no different than other manufacturers’ units. We developed the innovative titanium heater cover in 2015, and filed our patent application in 2016.

. *Our products are not intended for the extracting of tobacco or nicotine liquids. They do not contain a battery and are not compatible with any cartridge or refillable liquid systems.

*Legal Disclaimer- Ditanium ® and products are intended for legal use only by persons at least 21 years of age. We require an adult’s signature upon delivery of our products. We do not endorse or promote the use of our products for anything besides legal herbs and botanicals. Our products are not intended for the extracting of tobacco or nicotine liquids. They are not compatible with any cartridge or refillable liquid systems Any reference to terms associated with paraphernalia will prevent placement of orders or warranty service. Please read all applicable FDA and surgeon general warnings before extracting any substance. Ditanium® is not responsible for any illness, or medical issues that can occur from inhaling any substance. Always read the instruction manual before operating the unit. Ditanium LLC is not liable for negligence and misuse and will not cover any damages that result from such. The metal components are pure Grade 2 titanium, selected for its superior heating properties. We make no guarantee as to the safety of inhaling anything with heated titanium, in spite of it being a common practice. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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