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Black Ditanium (B-Unit with Blemishes)

Black Ditanium (B-Unit with Blemishes)

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All the features of our standard units including our 2 year warranty. Minor Blemishes with the paint and finish allow us to discount the units for huge savings. This Ditanium Aromatherapy Extraction Device has everything you need and more. Constructed from solid 1/2" bamboo this thing is built to last. Extracts all media with versatile quartz and titanium heater cover. All Ditaniums feature a titanium 14mm mouthpiece/adapter so you connect the mouthpiece to your favorite rig. Get ready for a water filtered experience that can't be compared. Includes our standard glass hand-piece that allows for hands-free use. Optional titanium hand-pieces/sets allow for quick screen changing, and improve performance through greater heat transfer. A blue LED light comes standard on all units. If you would like to purchase a different color LED please visit our accessories page.

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